Thursday, 9 April 2009

Work in progress: Boca chairs

I recently spent a week with Keith Johnson, antiques buyer for Anthropologie. Keith, a furniture designer and art dealer turned found objects buyer spends six months a year travelling the world looking for interesting furniture and objects to decorate and sell at the 100+ Anthropologie stores in the US. He is also curator of the gallery at their fabulous flagship store at the Rockerfeller Store in New York.

Keith was in Buenos Aires partly for holiday, partly to be filmed for a TV show to be aired on the Sundance Channel later this year, following Keith to places like India, Turkey, France, South Africa, on the hunt for the interesting and unusual. I was his guide for the week, and I was so pleased he liked the work by some of the young artists and artesans I know. Hopefully some of them will soon have their work on sale at Anthropologie! Watch this space.

We stopped by La Boca on one of the filming days. The colours on the buildings alongside the railway track, on the street next to the famous El Caminito (where brighter, primary colours dominate), caught Keith's eye and gave him the inspiration for a collection of chairs. I'm currently working on some samples, stills of which will be shown at the end of the show with a postscript.