Friday, 20 November 2009

Work in progress: Mansion house in San Telmo


Dreaming up ideas of what to do with this place...

Update: Almost there with the Boca chairs

So, I'm almost there with there with the Boca chairs. I'm just short of the total number I need to source for the first shipment, Jorge has done an awesome job of painting them, and they look really fun! Anthropologie will make the cushions using their own fabric, so I can't wait to see the finished products on sale in store.

I've posted some snaps of Jorge's workshop. It's in an old house, deep in the barrio of La Boca, with a corregated iron extension on stilts, typical of the area, and painted in a patchwork of colours. It's so full of character! I love the bell - two red metal flasks hung together so they chime when a string is pulled!

We're going to do an official photoshoot at the workshop when they chairs are ready, so check in again in a couple of weeks.

Buy: Manhattan fabric

Interesting fabric is hard to come by in Buenos Aires. De Levie and Compania de Comercio on Arenales street have the best selection of local/Brazilian made fabrics, but prices are high and as most decorators head there you see the same prints repeated throughout in homes throughout the city.

I like this new addition to the Compania de Comercio collection. If it weren't so pricey I'd make a tote bag with it.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

People: Saturnino the fletero

Work in progress: Iron frame 'Boca' chairs for Anthropologie

So, Anthropologie have ordered 80 of the iron frame garden chairs to be painted in bright colours inspired by houses alongside the railway in La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Here's the first batch! 19 down, 61 to go. I'm really pleased with how they're turning out. Anthropologie will add cushions and they'll be sold in the Found section of their stores.

Source: Patchwork furniture

My friend Jose Presentado in the flea market in Palermo is selling chairs, benches and tables made from a patchwork of reclaimed wood with distressed paint finishes. I like the idea of a single piece set against a clean white background.

Net  muebles on Godoy Cruz 1740 in Palermo also have tables made from reclaimed pieces of painted wood from La Boca. 

Source: Tucan biscuit tins

The Tucan biscuit tins that caught the attention of Keith Johnson of Anthropologie are still for sale in the Mercado de las Pulgas in Palermo. 20 pesos each. Good for storing socks!

Event: Buenos Aires Photo 2009

On Tuesday we were at the Palais de Glace for the opening of Buenos Aires Photo 2009. It was packed, not surprisingly as the event was sponsored by Chandon, and sparkling wine was flowing all evening.

My favourite exhibit was the Bolivian room with boxes pasted with photos including Latin American Presidents Evo Morales and Argentina's own Cristina.

The exhibition closes today.

Buy: Wool

If you're looking to buy wool, cotton or angora for knitting, head to Av.Scalabrini Ortiz between Jufre and Castillo in Villa Crespo. There is a cluster of shops with a gorgeous selection at great prices.