Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Boca Chairs on Anthropologie homepage

My Boca Chairs are on Anthropologie's home page (just the US site, unfortunately it's a different photo on the European site). I don't know how well they've sold, but they've certainly been well used as props by Anthropologie's set design team. This is the photo from the homepage:

Sneek peek of our loft in Villa Crespo

Thanks to Amy Azzarito for doing a great post on Design Sponge* about our loft on the corner of Castillo and Thames in Villa Crespo.

Elementos Argentinos open their doors on Gurruchaga

I can't wait to be back in Buenos Aires (next month) to see the new Elementos Argentinos store on trendy (and very pretty) calle Gurruchaga in Palermo Soho . My two year old, Seth, felt very at home at their previous, smaller space and would run around the store tugging at pom-poms and trying on hats. Looks like owners Fernando and Pablo have parents with energetic kids in mind in this new store - there is heaps of room for them to run around while we shop.

Elementos Argentinos new store address: Gurruchaga 1881, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires. 
Tel: (00 54) 4832 6899