Thursday, 30 December 2010

Beautiful Cocina Garden

Ooh, I love this photo from Cocina Garden, Pamela Murphy's private dinners in her wonderful garden around the corner from us in Barracas.

For next Thursday's dinner I have booked my the brother and wife (they get married tonight and coming to Argentina for their honeymoon) of my great friend Ciara. Next month I am hosting my friend Keith Johnson and Anthropologie's Home team who are coming to Buenos Aires on an 'inspiration trip', and I hope to book them in for dinner at Cocina Garden. I really think it's currently the most special and unique place for dinner in BA. Book to go, if you haven't been yet.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Pioneer Productions 'give' bags for Christmas

I received a fab hamper in a bag this week from Pioneer Productions.

Humm, who are going to be a  new supplier in my Handpicked by doble M design collection, designed the resusable 'Dar' ('to give' in Spanish) organic cotton bags for Pioneer and it was filled with some delicious goodies from Jardin Organico.

Thank you Pioneer!

Early morning at Buenos Aires flower market

 Pamela Murphy picking flowers for her guest rooms at Garden Buenos Aires.

The market opens daily at 4am, so pulling up at 7.45am we were the latecomers. There was still plenty to buy though, and I went away with sunflowers, kuzios (delicate purple flowers that I hadn't seen before), gardenia and more all for just 40 pesos! and we were there and back within one hour. Perfect!

Work at the flower market is a family affair, one vendor even had a tiny baby with her.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tales of two imps

My two adorable little boys

Who get a bit noisy sometimes

(now Seth's turn)

and beat each other up (don't feel sorry for Bo, he gives as much as he gets)

and are as challenging as they are fun (Seth pictured working on his fine motor skills, i.e. picking off the bits of his nails he's missed while biting them)

It's nice when food doesn't mean picking up bolognese strewn across the floor. Bo loves eating punnets of blueberries one berry at a time and is careful to not even lose one to the floor. I wish a boy could live on blueberries alone.

Raisins are another passion, favoured by Mama as he tends to wander off and find a quiet spot to eat them, resting the pot on his belly which = five minutes peace.

It's mayhem, with a high energy 2.5 year old and a even higher energy 1.5 year old, but there are sometimes moments of calm where it all seems dreamy and lovely. Bring on more of those in 2011!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas tables for Luz magazine

I'm emerging slowly after 48 hours in bed with a horrid, horrid flu (I think that's now nine times this year, I must surely be eligible for the flu jab..).  This week Handpicked by doble M design was in Luz, the magazine for the Argentine Sunday newspaper Perfil. I'd styled two Christmas tables which you can see here, the first three photos are of my work. They opened with my tables and gave me a full page spread so I was pretty happy. Unfortunately no credit was given to Pamela Murphy, owner of the fabulous Garden Buenos Aires, for loaning us the space. Talking of which, hopefully I will be better by Thursday as I'm having a small dinner there to celebrate my birthday.

Thanks to producer Blanca Barilati and photographer Silvia Bordoni, and to handpicked by doble M design suppliers: Elementos Argentinos, Rescate by Maria McCormick and Angeles Castro Corbat for loaning me props for the tables. 
And for those of you who can read Spanish, here's the blurb by Blanca Barilati that went with the photos:

Cool criollo: La mesa antigua de cocina de esta galería se pintó y acompañó con sillas de campo de madera con asientos de cuero. Turquesa y naranja, favoritos de la diseñadora Emma Balch, vibran en este ámbito. El mantel de seda es de la India y los individuales de cuero metalizado se hicieron con recortes de cuero. Los platos son de cerámica (Handpicked by doble M design) igual que el calentador a vela. El candelabro de varios brazos es de vidrio prensado.

Los más chicos tienen su propio espacio con mesa y sillitas (Los Díaz de Mario) que se colorearon en tonos fuertes. La alfombra norteña, los almohadones y los muñecos están tejidos en lana. El arbolito se armó en un frutal y los adornos artesanales también son de ese mismo material (Elementos Argentinos).

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Boys camping trip to gastro town

The Guardian has a travel piece today by fellow BA expat, Vicky Baker, on Carlos Keen, the sleepy gastro-getaway an hour from Buenos Aires. As it happens, Ollie, Seth and Bo are there on a boys camping trip to give me some much-needed rest (after they left yesterday afternoon I took a five hour afternoon nap, haven't done that for years). I'm not sure how much slow food the boys will have been treated to...I saw Ollie pack a plastic bag with canned fish, can opener, bread, butter, honey. He does camping the same way he did as a teenager and there is nothing remotely gourmet about it. I don't think they'll care one bit though. Meanwhile, I'm far from busy upstairs in Natural Deli wondering how to lure customers enjoying healthy Sunday brunches upstairs to buy from my handpicked collection....

Caseros on camera

Our block on Avenida Caseros is regularly used for shooting ads, and even the odd feature film. Last week the front of Club Social was turned into an almacen for a TV ad for Jumbo supermarkets. It's always fun to watch.