Thursday, 29 November 2012

Little men in hats


Seth drawing snails and writing about the giant snails on the beach in his Clyro School journal.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Why we are here.....

Montes del Plata, based just around the corner from our little house. They are building a vast pulp mill, Uruguay's biggest ever foreign investment, 30 miles from this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Ollie is looking at how it is addressing its social impact.

My early evening cycle ride

Two little dudes

All the mosquitoes in the Rio Plata area have descended on Colonia to feast on little Bo. Poor him, he's been bitten to pieces, and to add to pain I've made him wear his Indian 'pyjamas', effectively a cotton dress, to cover his arms. The result? Everyone in Colonia thinks he's a girl. Seth, not wanting to feel left out, has been walking around with a pink bag from India. You have to have lived in Argentina/Uruguay to realise what a big deal it is for little boys to be walking around in a dress and a pink bag! Meanwhile, Seth and Bo are blissfully unaware to local prejudices and happy as larry.

Rock pool babies

Having two boys who are the best of friends makes my life in Colonia very easy. They've happily spent this week playing in the rock pools while I spent the days lying in the sun reading. The only interruptions I had were when they need food, a drink or a pee. Not sure how long this blissful existence will last, but enjoying it while it lasts...

Giant snails

These snails are about the size of my fist, and live in the rock pools where Seth and Bo play most of the day.  They don't move slowly at all (we've timed them!), maybe because they're giant?!

Recycled chess

Love this chess board made from old pallets and plastic bottles. They've even made use of the bottle tops, for draughts.

On foot, in Colonia

Imps at play

 On the ramparts
 On a knobbly tree trunk
 On the steps of a ferreteria while I bought light bulbs
 Running past the scary statue man
 Which room was which? at the ruins of an old house
 Looking up at the lighthouse
Under the shade of a huge tree

Walk before bedtime

Back to Uruguay.

 The last ferry of the day making its way back to Buenos Aires
 The imps favourite spot, the rock pools

Climbing to catch the last seconds of the sunset
 Going, going...
Time for bed!

Comfort food

Oh, I forgot to upload these. Enjoyed some of my favourite BA classic food experiences. Nothing fancy, just food I've eaten many, many times, food that takes me back to as many great memories of living in Buenos Aires. 

 Asado - love the smell across the city of parrillas heating up late morning. On Thursday evening, we had an asado for friends. Choripan, proveleta, morcilla and three cuts of steak. Totally delicious!

Peruvian ceviche - not in China Town this time, but cooked for us at home by a friend. Fabulous flavours. Can't wait to get back to Chan-Chan for more ceviche next week.

Sarkis (middle eastern) delivery - one of my BA all time favourites, which was handily on the next corner from our house. Didn't have time to go last week, but then we suddenly had an extra evening and no plans, so friends came round and we had Sarkis delivery. Every bit as good as I remember.

Pizza and chopp - could live without this food, but love these cheap and cheerful joints that are all around the city serving thick pizzas overladen with cheese and chopps (beer by the jug). Just what was needed after an outing to the zoo.