Thursday, 28 February 2013


Messing about on Pocitos beach on an overcast Sunday afternoon.

Sugar rush! Uruguayan tentacion - Chaja. Like the packaging.

Millie working the English Rose look

End of summer

Summer camp was a huge success. The boys loved all the activities and learning some Spanish, they're smitten with their teachers are asking to come back next summer. Last Thursday was the end of summer party at the idyllic spot on the river where the camp takes place. There were bouncy castles, trampolines, face painting, crazy kids cocktails, followed by a sing-a-long for the kids and finally a show with performances by each class. Bo's group were rabbits and Seth's candombe drummers.

I managed to throw a zip-wire into Seth's face just before the show, so he was looking a little sad for the party he was so looking forward to (bad, bad Mama day).

Teachers performance

 Sethie centre stage
Bo's class went on stage at 9.30pm, by which time Bo could barely keep his eyes open (far right, rabbit to the left of the teacher wearing shorts).

Just three weeks now until we fly home. Summer is turning into autumn, the weather is cooler, the sun sitting lower in the sky, tan starting to fade...


Last week's game: Bo throws hit hat into the water. Wait until it's almost sinking. Seth jumps in to rescue it. Repeat over and over until hungry.


We had real tables, a kitchen, beds, hot water and everything. Even without the pool, this was luxury. 

Music making

In sync

doble M happy now.... my hubby's two books are colour coordinated!

Carlos Keen p.s.

Just received these photos from our weekend in Carlos Keen last month.
Blog catch up due this week, we've been housesitting in the campo outside of Colonia, passed a weekend in Montevideo with old pals, had a fleeting visit to Buenos Aires, and now back in Colonia with a friend visiting from Connecticut.